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  • Thought-Provoking Questions about Relationships
  • Reminiscent of Past, Present and Future Relations
  • Captivating and Memorable
  • Jumpstart to a Changed Attitude
  • When a Man Made Me Angry - Video

Mariena Allen, author of "When a Man Made Me Angry" articulates the struggles and obstacles that teach invaluable lessons from cyclical trials and hardships of many women. Deeply embedded with pain and tragedy – tumultuous relationship issues, abandonment, rape, bullying, deceit and blatant disrespect; life was unbearable.

Every individual will experience their own emotional highs and lows from the book. The adrenaline rush will subconsciously put some readers in a stressful state of mind, so get ready! Take a moment to think about your relationships. Explain why you remain with a partner that abuses you physically and psychologically makes you feel worthless? Are you caught in a cycle of generational abusive relationships? Have you seen these behaviors exhibited elsewhere?

Charismatic skills will be used to keep you locked in mental bondage and physical captivity. You feel uncomfortable with his lack of commitment and cringe when he touches you. Your conscience is troubling your spiritual being. He is not compatible, so why force the issue? He doesn't respect you...really. He's just greedy. Now that you realize his true intent, what are you going to do about the status of your relationship.

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When A Man Made Me Angry

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Amazon Kindle - May 7, 2018

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